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Recurrent Miscarriage


What causes Recurrent Miscarriage? Sometimes a woman's immune system, which is supposed to protect her from invaders like viruses and cancers, can turn against certain aspects of her own reproductive system resulting in miscarriage. When the immune system becomes hyper vigilant, it can prevent the expression of certain proteins and glands in the uterus, which are necessary for implantation, no matter how fertilization is achieved. Further, the immune system can form antibodies against certain cellular components, and attack an embryo, not allowing it to implant and grow there can be recurrent miscarriage.

Some women have certain conditions where clotting of the blood nourishing the baby during pregnancy is not suppressed. Regardless of the appearance of these immunologic factors, whether they be diagnosed as antinuclear antibodies, antiendometrial antibodies, anticardiolipin antibodies, antiphospolipid antibodies, anti-lupus anticoagulant, or the expression of the MTHFR gene; the immune system must be retrained so it knows which aspects of self/non-self are safe and which are harmful.

Symptoms for Recurrent Miscarriage
may include bleeding during pregnancy and/or cramping during pregnancy.

Treatment for Recurrent Miscarriage: Traditional Chinese Medicine considers this a process of clearing excess conditions of heat, stasis, stagnation, or dampness, while tonifying the spleen system of energies, which is responsible for our internal immunity.  Our program does this with a combination of acupuncture, herbal therapy, diet and lifestyle changes.

This frustrating diagnosis is difficult to find resolution in Western reproductive medicine. They simply won't believe it exists. Yet, we have had patients, who after IVF's numbering over twenty (some with their own eggs, some with donor eggs) still do not find success until their immune system is calmed down and retrained. We have also had success with many women who miscarried multiple times only to give birth to healthy babies after these issues are resolved. Some of these autoimmune conditions can affect your health and wellbeing; do not allow them to go unchecked.


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