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Considering IVF?

by Randine Lewis

What about when IVF doesn't work? The majority of our patients have failed numerous IVF attempts, and are able to conceive naturally after all else fails. Yes, we all hear about the IVF success stories, but what about those for whom IVF DOESN'T work?

According to the January 25, 2005 New York Times, "In the United States, the average cost of a single in vitro effort is $12,400, and insurance usually does not cover the procedure."

According to the latest published CDC reporting on assisted reproductive technology, out of the 107,587 IVF procedures performed in 2001, 21,813 resulted in live births. That's only 20%. Out of this statistic, only 64% of these were singleton births; the rest were multiples. That means only

12.8% of IVF procedures resulted in a single birth delivery.

According to a report published in the Wall Street Journal, dated (3/02), TWICE AS MANY BIRTH DEFECTS resulted in babies born with in-vitro fertilization with intracytoplastmic sperm injection than resulted from babies who were conceived naturally.

If women knew that the likelihood of a successful single birth per $12,400 investment was only 12.8%, and they were doubling the likelihood of having a child born with birth defects, I doubt many women would be willing to pay for these odds.

Those are the averages. Not the ones that your IVF clinic will sell you certainly, but these are the objective published scientific odds. Think about it. Wouldn't you rather invest yourself on a course that will at the very least assure your reproductive health before you become one of these statistics?

The fertility enhancing retreats can guarantee that you will become healthier, more contented, lower your stress levels, and increase the likelihood of natural conception, and if you opt for the assisted reproductive technology, ensure you will be one in the 12.8%, rather than the 87.2% who do not achieve their desired outcome.

When encouraged to bear fruit, when loved and nurtured, when fed adequately through proper nutrients and circulation, the ovary magnificently responds. Hopefully this 'new' scientific knowledge will help empower women to believe that they already have the inherent capacity within themselves to conceive... if only they would believe it. If we can stop the panic response and turn within, that's where our answers are.


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