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Fertility Expert - Dr. Wenying Lin
has the Experience, Training & Qualifications you can trust.

Board Certified Specialist in Acupuncture for the Natural Enhancement of Female and Male Fertility


Dr. Lin was one of the founding board members of ABORM, American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine. She is one of the first Acupuncturists to be board-certified by ABORM

 Trained in China - Over 20 Years of Clinical Acupuncture Experience

Did You Know?

Dr. Lin completed her training in Beijing at Beijing TCM University - one of the top TCM Universities in China

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Welcome to Acupuncture for Conception

  1. Do I want to be labeled as "infertile"?
  2. Do you have a good reason why you're "infertile"?  Or is it largely "unexplained"?
  3. Have you been told, "Your eggs are too old"?
  4. Are you finding out that the procedures are too invasive? WB2 News - Acupuncture for Conception
  5. Have you tried IUI, IVF?
  6. Feeling stressed and depressed?  Feeling frustrated with modern medical procedures?
  7. Tired of the Boiler Plate approach of "one size fits all"?
  8. Are you desperate? Want to try anything you can in addition to IUI, IVF?
  9. Do you feel that diet and lifestyle might have a play in infertility?
  10. Looking for a more natural proven approach?
Most patients are not infertile at all, but imbalanced. Our solution is to bring you back into balance.

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